Join us in welcoming the NEXT GENERATION of liposomal essential oil remedies!

In order to serve you better, beginning October 1, 2022 all liposomal essential oil remedies will be sold as double strength pints

Big Benefits To You:

  • Reduced Dosage: Double strength pints give you the same amount of active ingredients previously found in our quart size remedies.  That means you receive the same amount of medicine in half the dose.  WOW!
  • Higher compliance and easier for children – with less liquid to consume, this makes essential oil remedies even easier to take.
  • Reduced shipping costs – Lighter weight means lower shipping cost.  We are excited to pass this savings on to you!

Titration Dosage Schedule for Double-Strength Pints

Week 11 teaspoon 2x/day
Week 22 teaspoons 2x/day
Week 31 Tablespoon 2x/day
Week 42 Tablespoon 2x/day

Use this chart to transition from the original formulation to the double strength pint formulation.

If you were previously taking this
quantity of our original formulation…
… take this dose of the
double-strength pints:
1 Tablespoon 2x/day1 1/2 teaspoon 2x/day
2 Tablespoons 2x/day1 Tablespoon 2x/day
3 Tablespoons 2x/day1 1/2 Tablespoon 2x/day
4 Tablespoons 2x/day2 Tablespoons 2x/day

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