When:       Wednesday January 17, 6-7:15 pm EST

Cost:         Free

If you are a practitioner who sees multi-systems inflammatory presentations (and who doesn’t?), then Bartonella infection is an important illness for you to know about.

Pain, neurological symptoms, sensory organ and brain inflammation, immune suppression, skin issues, circulatory, and emotional disorders are just a few of the characteristic symptoms.  

Bartonella infection is a driver of inflammation that is: 

#1 – Difficult to diagnose and highly misunderstood by conventional doctors;

#2 – A primary cause of fever, swollen lymph nodes, psychiatric distress, head and eye pain, neurological Lyme presentations, and much more;

#3 – Treatable, in many cases, through proper herbal and natural treatment methods.

If you’re unclear how to identify Bartonellosis clinically and are interested in holistic methods of treatment, then please join me for this FREE Masterclass.  

On a personal note, I acquired Bartonella as a child from our household pet cats.  Many years later, following the birth of my first child and much loss of sleep, bizarre symptoms emerged that I knew would make no sense to conventional doctors.  If I had not already been steeped in the clinical diagnosis of Lyme and co-infections, I might have been at a loss for many years.

Bartonella is a common co-infection of Lyme disease acquired by ticks, but has other vectors too (such as fleas, and cat bites and scratches!).

My case was relatively mild and I was able to clear it with lifestyle changes and herbs. 

Many of the cases I treat at our clinic are considerably more severe and complicated.  Nevertheless, botanical medicines (and supportive natural measures) can play a huge role in recovery from Bartonella.  I look forward to showing you how!

In this free webinar, you will:

  •  Learn about the diagnostic options for Bartonella, including clinical signs, symptoms, labs, and when to suspect you or your patient has Bartonellosis;
  • Discover the holistic strategies and approaches that lead to the best treatment outcomes for Bartonella based on over 25 years of clinical herbal practice with tick-borne illness;
  • Receive the specific non-toxic herbal and functional medicine protocols to treat Bartonella that we use in our clinic to support full recovery from Bartonella infection;
  • Hear case examples to better understand how to work with the remedies in response to a patient’s symptoms and progress;
  • Become confident with your clinical ability to create personalized protocols that effectively treat Bartonella and help to  accelerate your patient’s recovery process (with or without concurrent antibiotic treatment). 

We will be highlighting the Bloom & Reveal botanical medicines that are specifically designed to treat Bartonella and its manifestations.  In addition, we’ll discuss other products and combinations that lead to the most effective treatment outcomes.

This class speaks foremost to health practitioners, but all are welcome.  

A recording will be made and shared to all registrants in the days following.

Join us!  I look forward to seeing you there…