If you are already a patient of Hillary Thing, LAc. or Pam Gould, RH through the Nourishing Life Health Center, to access the patient portal, LOG IN HERE.

If you are not yet a patient but are struggling with complex health problems, Holistic Medicines Consultations are available (via video conferencing or in person in Kingston, NY) with an expert practitioner who leads with natural medicine. Our practitioners can provide insight regarding diagnosis and underlying cause and create a comprehensive treatment plan with customized herbal formulas as needed. There is much to know regarding healing from complex chronic illness. You don’t have to go it alone!

As an added benefit of receiving professional guidance, all patients of the Nourishing Life Health Center receive 20% of all Bloom & Reveal Botanicals products. If you are committed to an herbal and holistic path to healing, the cost of the consultation will soon pay for itself. For more details about the service and cost, visit the Nourishing Life Health Center services page.

To set up a time to speak with our Patient Support Specialist or to schedule an appointment, send us a query. You can also call us at (845) 687-6211 or email info@noulifehealth.com.