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  • Going Viral (Double Strength)


    16 oz Now more than ever, immune system support is key to a healthy, care-free life.  Based on recent science and long-time herbal tradition, Going Viral provides unique and potent support for a healthy innate immune response against cold, flu, and other viral infections. Ingredients: Proprietary essential oil blend of Hyssop aerial parts in flower…

  • Exterminator


    2 oz / 4 oz Bloom + Reveal tinctures are alcohol extractions of expertly-designed herbal formulas and powerful single herbs that are ideal for supporting healing from acute or complex chronic illness. Exterminator supports a complete recovery from acute Lyme and co-infections (within approximately 3 months of tick bite). Addresses the fever, aches and pains,…

  • Lyme Prevention Kit


    Post-tick bite infection prophylaxis. Sometimes in spite of your best efforts, you or a loved one may get bit by a tick. After the tick has been removed, what’s the next step in preventing tickborne illness? We recommend a 4-pronged approach:  Apply clove essential oil topically directly on the bite and well beyond any redness…

  • Blue-Green Dragon Protection


    (Da Qing Long Tang with additions) 100 g Best upon exposure and initial onset of acute illness, Blue-Green Dragon Protection is an anti-viral formula addressing both respiratory and GI presentations. This formula supports the immune system’s rapid resolution of acute infection to prevent lingering illness. Ingredients: yu xing cao (houttuynia aerial parts), xing ren (apricot…

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    Vapor Rub


    1 oz. Open your airways and break up phlegm congestion with this naturally relaxing blend of penetrating oils. Ingredients: Almond oil Ⓞ, Beeswax, Menthol crystals, and a Proprietary Essential Oil Blend of Peppermint Leaf Ⓔ, Elemi resin Ⓦ, Eucalyptus Blue Gum leaf Ⓦ, Narrow-leaved Eucalyptus leaf Ⓦ, Fir needle Ⓞ, Thyme leaf Ⓦ and Camphor…