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  • Clear Toxin & Restore Harmony


    Clear Toxin & Restore Harmony is ideal herbal treatment for mild to severe cold-and-flu-type illnesses. It prevents disease progression and chronicity, supports reduction of fever, fatigue, and inflammation, and calms symptoms in general. Ingredients: gan cao (licorice root), xing ren (bitter apricot seed), shi gao (gypsum), gui zhi (cinnamon twig), ze xie (water plantain rhizome),…

  • Honeysuckle Hasten Recovery


    (Lian Hua Qing Wen) 100 g Honeysuckle Hasten Recovery is designed for mild to moderate acute cold-and-flu-type illness. This formula, based on clinical studies, reduces respiratory symptoms and speeds recovery. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, helping to modulate cytokine storms. Ingredients: lian qiao (forsythia fruit), jin yin hua (honeysuckle flower) xing ren (bitter apricot seed),…