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  • Toxin Neutralizer (Double Strength)


    16 oz Toxin Neutralizer contains many of the best essential oils that support detoxification from toxins.  Therefore, it helps to diminish the inflammation that is caused by biotoxins from mold exposure, environmental toxicity, and infections. The oils in this formula contain antioxidant-rich compounds that support the immune system in reversing inflammatory cascades that result in…

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    Old Faithful Nasal Spray


    1 oz. Bring the healing power of penetrating antimicrobial essential oils to your sinuses. Instructions: Squirt once per nostril 1 or more times / day and inhale deeply through the nose. Ingredients: Water, Colloidal silver, Essential oils of Tea Tree leaf Ⓞ, Thyme leaf Ⓦ, Lemongrass leaf Ⓦ, Oregano aerial parts in flower Ⓦ, Cinnamon…

  • Immune Calm (Double Strength)


    16 oz Immune Calm supports the body to recover from minor allergic reactions. This formula is designed to help minimize the body’s reaction to a wide range of allergens, including mold, pollen, and foods. It supports the immune system’s ability to self-regulate and transform hyper-reactive presentations into a more balanced immune response. Ingredients: Proprietary essential…