Peppermint is a popular herb known for its refreshing aroma and flavor. It has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, and today it can be found in many forms, including tinctures. Peppermint tincture is a concentrated liquid extract of peppermint that has  numerous health benefits, including relieving stomach discomfort and nausea, aiding digestion, reducing inflammation, and providing relief from stress and headaches. 

In addition to its medicinal uses, peppermint tincture can also be used as a refreshing ingredient in food or beverages for its unique flavor. 

Locally Grown

This tincture was made from herb that was wild-harvested with care from our clinic garden, then tinctured fresh at the height of harvest season.  Supplies are limited.


Mentha piperita, distilled water, and certified organic cane alcohol.

Recommended Dose: 

1-3 ml / 2x / day in 2 oz water.

Synergistic Combinations Include:
For allergies, take alongside Skullcap Clear Fire, a strongly anti-inflammatory formula, available as a tincture, brew tea or granules;

– For treatment of urinary tract infections or interstitial cystitis, take with Alisma Kidney Cleanse, available as a tincture, brew tea or granules

– For added mineral nutrient support, take with Gold Mine Mineral Rich Tea.

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