At Bloom + Reveal, we strive to bring the future of sustainable, conscious healthcare to the here and now by providing effective natural medicines for the critical—and all too common—health problems of our times.

We believe that, in many cases, botanical medicine is the best medicine for treating fatigue, aches and pains, digestive issues, swollen glands, skin ailments, sinus trouble, and more. That’s because botanical medicine is non-toxic to people and the planet, supportive of the body’s optimal functioning, and empowers healing by avoiding side effects and pharmaceutical dependency. 

Founder & Formulator Hillary Thing developed Bloom+Reveal drawing on 20 years of holistic clinical experience in the treatment of Lyme, autoimmunity, and other chronic infection and toxin-driven illness.  

She continues to treat patients at the Nourishing Life Health Center in Kingston, NY (visit for information about becoming a patient), and educates people and practitioners worldwide through workshops, professional training for holistic practitioners, and at Her decades of day-to-day holistic clinical practice inform each of our products. 

Our Sustainability Commitment: The entire team at Bloom+Reveal is committed to making a healthier, happier future a reality for our patients and the planet. To that end, our facility runs on solar energy and minimizes landfill waste and the use of plastic throughout the production and fulfillment process.

The Community Medicine Garden, located at the Nourishing Life Health Center in Kingston, NY, provides abundant plant medicines for our products. For this, we are deeply grateful. What ingredients we can’t grow we obtain from the most local, pure / organic and ethical sources available.

Land Acknowledgement: It is an honor and a privilege to rewild this small patch of the planet with food and medicine for the wild creatures and the people. With humble gratitude we recognize that we are gardening on unceded ancestral homeland of the Munsee-Lenape people.

At Bloom+Reveal, we know that healing is a journey; join us to discover a greater level of vitality and resilience than ever before.

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