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  • Colloidal Silver

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    Comfrey Salve

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    1 oz. Made with traditional wound healing herbs, Comfrey Salve alleviates itch and skin irritation. Useful in a variety of skin conditions to soothe and aid healing of scabs, scars, and wounds. Ingredients: Olive oil Ⓞ, Comfrey leaf Ⓞ, Plantain leaf Ⓞ, Calendula flowers Ⓞ, St John’s Wort aerial parts in flower Ⓞ, and beeswax….

  • Elderberry Syrup


    8 oz. The best protection against infection is a vibrant immune system. If herbal teas are not your thing, or your young one prefers sweet medicines, elderberry syrup is a great option to promote resilience against common colds and flus. Directions: Take 1-3 Tablespoons daily for cold and flu prevention and treatment. Ingredients: Water, Elderberry…

  • Honey Loquat Cough Syrup


    8 oz. Our Honey Loquat cough syrup delivers herbal aid for dry, spasmodic cough with difficult-to-expectorate phlegm. Soothes, moistens, and promotes mucous membrane health. Instructions: Take 1-3 Tablespoons daily for treatment of cough and recovery from respiratory illness. Ingredients: Loquat leaf, Fritillaria bulb, Trichosanthes fruit and root, Poria fungus, Tangerine peel, Stemona root, Platycodon root,…

  • Lyme Prevention Kit


    Post-tick bite infection prophylaxis. Sometimes in spite of your best efforts, you or a loved one may get bit by a tick. After the tick has been removed, what’s the next step in preventing tickborne illness? We recommend a 4-pronged approach:  Apply clove essential oil topically directly on the bite and well beyond any redness…

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  • Melissa Balm


    1 oz. When viral infections lead to skin eruptions, they can be painful and distressing. Melissa Balm brings the most potent herbs and essential oils together to support fast clearing and healing. Ingredients: Apricot Kernel oil Ⓞ, Black Walnut hull Ⓞ, Melissa (lemon balm) leaf Ⓞ, and essential oils of Thuja leaf Ⓦ, Niaouli leaf…

  • Old Faithful Nasal Spray


    1 oz. Bring the healing power of penetrating antimicrobial essential oils to your sinuses!  This essential oil nasal spray supports alleviate from congestion and inflammation due to Marcons, allergies, and other bacteria and fungal infections. Instructions: Squirt once per nostril 1 or more times / day and inhale deeply through the nose. Ingredients: Water, Colloidal…

  • Stealthy Suppositories


    Contains 25. When oral ingestion of medicines is a challenge, or when disease is located in the bowels and lower organs, suppositories are a highly effective delivery method. Instructions for use: Start with 1/2 suppository every other night for 1 week. Then increase to 1 entire suppository every other night. Ingredients: Cocoa butter Ⓞ, essential…

  • Vapor Rub


    1 oz. Open your airways and break up phlegm congestion with this naturally relaxing blend of penetrating oils. Ingredients: Almond oil Ⓞ, Beeswax, Menthol crystals, and a Proprietary Essential Oil Blend of Peppermint Leaf Ⓔ, Elemi resin Ⓦ, Eucalyptus Blue Gum leaf Ⓦ, Narrow-leaved Eucalyptus leaf Ⓦ, Fir needle Ⓞ, Thyme leaf Ⓦ and Camphor…

  • Welcome to the Woods Insect Repellent


    4 oz. Avoidance of nature in an unsustainable form of self-protection. Connection to nature is essential to our spiritual, mental and physical health. So when ticks and other biting insects abound, the best protection is a toxin, free, all-natural scent-based deterrent. We utilize both essential oils and herbal extracts to you receive the strongest shielding…

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