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    Hawthorn Curcuma Blood Mover


    Supports healthy blood circulation throughout the body. Many of the herbs contained in this formula are anti-inflammatory and are used traditionally to break up conditions of blood stasis.  This describes a state in which the blood has become thick or congealed. Therefore the blood’s movement is slower and there may be trouble moving through the…

  • Skullcap Clear Fire


    Helps decrease inflammation by mediating a hyperactive immune response. Scutellaria baicalensis, (a.k.a. baikal skullcap or huang qin in Chinese herbal medicine) takes the lead in this anti-inflammatory formula whose aim is to restore regulation to an immune system that has become dysfunctional due to chronic infection or toxicity.   Fire-toxins can cause symptoms such as skin…

  • Astragalus Immune Shine


    Supports and rebuilds weakened immunity.   When bacterial and viral loads are too great for too long, the immune system can become deficient, like an army that has suffered many losses.  That’s when the body benefits from support in the form of nutritious herbs that help to rebuild the vitality and functionality of the immune system…