Our Team

We are a small dedicated team that works hard to supply you high-quality herbal products and ensure you have a supported experience with us.

Hillary Thing, LAc.

Founder of Bloom + Reveal Botanicals, the Nourishing Life Health Center, and Uprooting Lyme ~ Practitioner

There is a saying in Chinese medicine, “Know the form.  Forget the form.”  The past 25 years has been a journey of ever-deepening understanding of the process of healing – how and why we heal… or at times struggle with this process.  For me, supporting others in reclaiming health involves knowing the body in it’s miraculous minutia and wonderous multi-systems complexity, while at the same time leading each unique healing journey with spirit and intuition.  I am humbled by the human will not only to survive, but to thrive, which I witness in my patients every day.  Together, with the forces of nature as wind at our backs, we do the detective work, problem-solving, leaning into challenges, and tuning into the body that is required to heal.  Generating life force energy and eradicating illness in this way often leads to lasting vibrant health! 

H.e Haugenes

Herb Pharmacy Manager + Customer Care Specialist

It is such a joy to work with plants every day! I have experience working as a garden/outdoor educator, vegetable farmer, and beekeeper, and currently study herbalism at Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism. I find it inspiring to work at Nourishing Life Health Center, because I am surrounded by a small and compassionate team of knowledgeable herbalists/womxn who are transforming people’s lives in partnership with plants. Each day, I learn more about Chinese Medicine by working with the plants themselves, and I love our lush garden where I can support the herbs growing and enjoy their bounty too! 

Magdalena Rodríguez

Clinic Manager & Programs Coordinator

Beyond managing the NLHC clinic, my role at Nourishing Life Health Center / Uprooting Lyme is to implement as well as administer all of our UL educational programs and courses.  With a background in herbal medicine, everyday I feel lucky to be able to support and learn from a community of people who believe in the boundless healing capabilities of our leafy kin. Outside of the clinic I can be found exploring the forests and marveling at Nature through my most prized possession- a Belomo Triplet 10x Loupe.

Daisha Sen

Clinic Receptionist

Whether speaking with a potential new patient, scheduling appointments, or listening to and communicating with patients about any questions and concerns, I’m here to be of use and service in the process our patients are going through to find a more empowered relationship with their own health. Some of my background and training I call on for this includes, herbalism (mostly Western), health & wellness coaching, holistic chronic pain management, conflict resolution, and nutritional therapy. With over two decades of experience working in cooperative health food, I’m grateful to have found such a fitting role in my transition to holistic health. While people’s access to healthy food is still very important to me, I hope to be of use here in supporting people on their transformative health journeys.