We offer both specialized formulas and single herb products to meet your wellness needs, with a focus on microbe management, detox support, and optimal vitality.


Across cultures and for thousands of years, plant medicines have been relied upon to root out harmful pathogens and keep the microbial communities of our bodies in harmony.  Our “Microbe Management” formulas target specific infections (such as viral, fungal or bacterial overgrowths) and support the body’s ability to recover from acute and entrenched chronic infections.


Over 25 years of clinical experience has taught us that efficient detoxification is an essential component of our body’s capacity to heal.  Our “Detox Support” formulas support your body’s ability to cleanse and rid itself of the toxins and infections that drive inflammation, auto-immunity and disease.  


Beyond the elimination of infectious microbes and toxins, maintaining great health relies upon the rejuvenation of your body’s immune system, organ function and overall vitality. Our “Optimal Vitality” formulas do just that – aid your body’s innate regenerative ability to repair, rebuild, and re-energize on a daily basis.