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How to Diagnose & Treat Babesia with Herbal Medicine with Hillary Thing, LAc.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Online via Zoom
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm ET


A free master webinar for practitioners and
people seeking natural treatment solutions.

Hosted by Bloom & Reveal Botanicals

Research suggests that Babesiosis (the infection caused by the Babesia protozoa) is even more common than Lyme-Borreliosis infection. Yet the diagnostic pursuit of co-infections is often overlooked until much further into the disease process. This is a huge mistake!

Why? Because you may spend a lot of time and resources treating your patients (or being treated) for Lyme-Borreliosis with antibiotics, herbs, or other protocols, meanwhile it’s a very different type of infection that is the direct cause of your symptoms.

Your treatment may not result in health recovery if it is incomplete or misguided.

Many people, including most doctors, are under the impression that Lyme-related co-infections are uncommon, rare, or occasional.  This is a false notion.  

Most doctors don’t know how to recognize or diagnose Babesiosis (it’s not yet something most health practitioners learn about in school!).

What’s more, the pharmaceutical medicines that are used to treat Babesiosis can lead to toxic side effects and are difficult to sustain long term.

In this month’s free webinar, we will shine the light on Babesia, and how to treat it with natural botanical remedies. You will:
  • Learn about the diagnostic process for Babesia, including clinical signs, symptoms, and when to suspect you or your patient has Babesiosis;
  • Discover the holistic strategies and approaches that lead to the best treatment outcomes for Babesia based on over 25 years of clinical herbal practice with tick-borne illness;
  • Receive the specific non-toxic herbal and functional medicine protocols to treat Babesia co-infection that we use in our clinic to support full recovery from Babesia;
  • Hear case examples to better understand how to work with the remedies in response to a patient’s symptoms and progress;
  • Become confident with your clinical ability to create personalized protocols that effectively treat Babesia and help to accelerate your patient’s recovery process (with or without concurrent antibiotic treatment).
  • We will be highlighting the Bloom & Reveal botanical medicines that are specifically designed to treat Babesia and its manifestations. In addition, we’ll discuss other products and combinations that lead to the most effective treatment outcomes.

Join us! I look forward to seeing you there…