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  • anemarrhena asphodeloides (zhi mu) in flower

    Anemarrhena (Zhi mu)


    3-4″ potted anemarrhena (zhi mu) plants This ornamental grass is both a rarity in cultivation, and one of our favorite medicinal plants!  The Chinese name for this herb, zhi mu, means “know mother,” referring to its ability to protect and nourish the feminine (cooling blood, hormones, and body fluids) aspect of the body.  Small pink,…

  • Anise Hyssop


    3-4″ pot and quart options Anise hyssop (agastache foeniculum), is as easy to grow as it is to use.  The leaves are a flavorful addition to salads, or can be used to flavor water as iced or hot tea, or made into a delicious syrup.  It is a low maintenance native herb that is also…

  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

    Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)


    3-4″ potted plants Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb that can be grown in the north-eastern US as an annual.  Wait until the hard frosts come before digging up the roots to dry and use as a tea or tincture.  Ashwagandha supports the vital energy, deep sleep, and is anti-anxiety.  It is drought tolerant and also…

  • Basil, Ocimum basilicum

    Basil, Ocimum basilicum


    3-4″ potted basil plants Classic basil is a culinary delight that is as healthful as it is delicious.  Easy to grow in full sun and rich soil.  Pinch the leaves to prevent flowering and keep harvesting all summer long and into fall.  We love adding basil to salads, sauces, and as a garnish.  Pesto is…

  • Belamcanda (she gan, blackberry lily)

    Belamcanda (She gan, Blackberry Lilly)


    3-4″ or quart option Belamcanda chinensis, the Blackberry Lily, has long, sword-shaped green leaves. Plants form a large clump and bear clusters of bright orange flowers, the petals spotted with bright red.  Flowers are followed by pods of showy black seeds, which look a bit like kernels of corn. These are excellent for cutting, and…

  • Calendula officinalis in bloom



    3-4″ potted plant Calendula is an annual herb that grows well in full to part sun.  Harvest frequently for growth and abundant flowers all summer and into the fall.  Calendula is the  quintessential skin and beauty herb, useful in all kinds of skincare remedies.  It also promotes wound healing, releases tension in the body, benefits…

  • Catnip (Nepeta cataria)


    3-4″ or quart options Catnip is an easy herb to grow with many benefits.  As a medicinal tea it aids digestion and deep sleep.  Cats adore this herb and its scent makes them incredibly happy!  Catnip is also an excellent pollinator and companion plant in the vegetable garden. Pick up in Kingston, NY ONLY

  • Codonopsis (dang shen)


    3-4″ potted plants Also known as “poor man’s ginseng,” this vining plant’s roots are a popular Qi tonic in Chinese herbal medicine.  It is sweet and nourishes the vital energy and, more indirectly, the blood.  Dang Shen strengthens the digestive and respiratory systems and is safe and beneficial for all ages.  Keep potted and plant…

  • Comfrey


    3-4″ and quart options Comfrey is a super-power plant for every homestead.  The bell-shaped flowers nourish the pollinators, while the deep roots support soil health and the large vigorous leaves make nutrient-rich mulch.  It is a highly recommended companion plant for fruit trees.  Medicinally, the leaves and roots have potent healing properties, helping to mend…

  • Elderberry (Sambucus nigra)

    Elderberry (Sambucus nigra)


    Quart and 2-3 quart options Elderberry is an ancient and well-regarded medicine.  The ripe berries can be made into juice or syrup as an immune system tonic with anti-viral properties.  The flowers and berries also benefit the eyes, heart, and skin.  This plant does well in moist ground, full sun to part shade.  It eventually…

  • Holy Basil (Tulsi)


    3-4″ potted holy basil plants This vigorous Ayurvedic tonic herb grows beautifully in the Northeastern US.  Also known as tulsi, holy basil is a well-regarded herb for mental clarity, relaxing the nervous system, and treating a variety of fungal, yeast, and other types of infection.  Drink this tea daily for improved health and well-being! Pick…

  • Lemon Balm


    3-4″ potted lemon balm Lemon balm is an easy to grow perennial.  The aromatic leaves make delicious tea that is both anti-viral and relaxing for the nervous system. Pick up in Kingston, NY ONLY