Yarrow (Alchillea millefolium) is an anti-inflammatory herb that clears heat and toxicity from the brain, liver, skin and immune system. 

It is used to balance mood (for anxiety or depression) and as an ally for neuro-degenerative disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimers.

It is a great fever reducing herb for viral infections and it clears heat from the liver that is manifesting as fatty liver disease, hot flashes, or skin eruptions.

Yarrow is also a well-regarded wound healer, and is useful in supporting physical recovery from trauma or surgery.  

Locally Grown

This tincture was made from herb that was wild-harvested with care from the Nourishing Life Health Center’s community herb garden, then tinctured fresh at the height of harvest season.  Supplies are limited.


Alchillea millefolium, certified organic cane alcohol, and distilled water.

Recommended Dose: 

1-3 ml / 2x / day in 2 oz water.


Synergistic Combinations Include:

  • For stress, anxiety, and stress-related health issues, add Kava Brahmi Inner Calm, available as a tincture or wellness tea.
  • For added liver support, take with Bupleurum Liver Cleanse, available as a tincture, brew tea or granules.


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